What makes Coverdale different

  • Our history - Coverdale is the originator of corporate coaching and one of the pathfinders in experiential learning , with over 50 years of hands on experience
  • Our training programmes develop real skill not just impart knowledge - and deliver sustainable solutions 
  • We will only take on your business if we can help improve your organisation
  • 96 % of our business is repeat business or comes from client referrals
  • We will only do the right thing for the benefit of a client’s organisation, which may mean saying ‘no’
  • All our people have hands on senior management experience
  • Coverdale has worked in over 80 countries worldwide and has offices in 9 countries in North America, Europe and Asia
  • If we can’t help you and add real value we won’t take your money

The Coverdale Guarantee

As well as our experience and established track record of success, The Coverdale Guarantee is also something which sets us apart from our competitors across the organisational development market.

What our guarantee does, is assure clients that they will get what they need from us.  We will only work with an organisation if we truly believe we can assist in helping to improve overall business performance.

Simple and effective, The Coverdale Guarantee provides a solid bedrock from which to build that vital client/consultant relationship.

The Coverdale Guarantee means:

  • We guarantee we will only do the right thing and deliver a solution that is best for your organisation
  • We will say NO when we do not believe a proposed action is in the best interests of your organisation
  • You only pay for our services if you are satisfied with the work we have done

Coverdale: Improving business results